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Laptop Bed Tray


Laptops are designed to allow us to use computers wherever we want. They are suited with mobility features in order to give us comfort in computing.

However, it is not all the time that we are able to receive that promised comfort. Often times we feel uncomfortable when using the laptop, especially in bed before we go to sleep, or right after we wake up.

Using laptops without having proper comfort can cause our muscles to numb and bring pain to arms, hands and wrists. Thus, when computing in bed, a laptop bed tray is a huge benefit. 

A laptop bed tray, also known as a laptop bed desk or table, is designed to position the machine comfortably right in front of the user while the body is stretched out in bed.

It can hold the laptop similar to how a computer tables does, and can even have spare spaces for the mouse and any other peripherals, or even a cup of coffee. Most laptop or notebook bed trays are made of light-weight wood, but are of course durable.  

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Laptop Bed Desk 


When planning to purchase a laptop bed desk, make sure that you find the right size for you. This furniture is made to have the user’s legs fitted inside the tray’s legs, so be sure that the bed tray you choose will still allow you to move your legs freely.


If you think that you need extra space for your legs to fit in then look for laptop bed desks with a wider opening. This is to be sure that you can still more your lower body just in case you want to do minor stretching without removing yourself from your position. 


For more complex designs, some laptop bed tables are made to be adjustable. Users can raise the main area where laptops are to be placed or the center tray and adjust it to the level fit for the users’ comfort. Some laptop trays are even designed to allow users to slightly adjust the main area to an inclined position for a better view of the computer screen.


 laptop bed desk

laptop bed trays 

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The height of the laptop tray is also an important factor that buyers must consider when purchasing notebook bed trays. If the bed tray is designed to be attached with a fixed center tray then 8” to 11” from the base of the legs is appropriate. 

Laptop bed tables are also designed to fit on also all laptop sizes. Users can even use their bed trays for netbook computers with the same level of comfort while computing. These are easy to keep furniture considering their sizes and design. Once done using, a user can simply dis-assemble the parts and fit it back to its container or simply fold it.  


laptop bed desk

laptop bed tray

laptop bed desks

laptop bed tray 

Laptop bed trays can also be used for a different purpose. If you are not using your laptop and want to read books or write some important paper works, just position the bed tray and you can start with your business.




As featured in the LapDawg bed tray video above, with a laptop tray, you can work with comfort almost in any places you want, be it in your bed, couch or even on the floor. This simple, yet incredibly efficient furniture can create a new meaning to your computer lifestyle once you are accustomed to it.


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